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Welcome to The PiFactory blog. Here you will find notes from the classroom of a radical math teacher.

Below is a listing of all the blogs in date order. All blogs contain extensive links to relevant research and resources.

Relax and watch the kids shoot squids and crash cars reviews working with Geometry Expressions with Algebra 2 students.

We should be teaching mathematical thinking argues using technology in the classroom raises the question of the purpose of math education.

Avis foregoes the restroom and expresses some geometry looks how Geometry Expressions can be used on lower-level math courses.

Just weighing a pig doesn’t fatten — Obama hint on testing examines little-reported comments by President obama on his education policy.

UK moves closer to ending damaging tests in favor of teacher judgement reports on moves in the UK to reduce testing and put greater emphasis on assessment in the classroom by teachers.

Students learn what they think about reports on Dan T Willingham’s conclusions on how the brain works and learns.

Behaviorism 101 summarises how a supposedly dead and discredited theory is still at the heart of the US education system, doing daily damage.

Hope and change in my classroom assesses the likely educational policies of the new US president, and the balance between his education secretary Arne Duncan and key policy advisor Linda Darling-Hammond.

Assessment… a new sort of grade book looks at how classroom assessment based on descriptive feedback can be recorded.

Competitive grading still sabotages good teaching finds a decade-old description of poor teaching that gives a depressingly accurate description of current public school practice.

Win, win not fail, fail outlines the arguments against alpha-numeric grading and how grading undermines real learning.

Working inside the black box reviews the latest research from Prof Paul Black and the Asessment Reform Group now driving major changes in the UK education system.

What really was the point? reflects on what’s important for kids at school.

The final answer summarises an attempt at an alternative to the final exam.

Rigorously challenged rigorously challenges rigor.

Testing… a teachable moment argues if a student asks for help in an exam, then the teacher has a great teachable moment.

Open learning targets reports on PiFactory plans to go open source.

No prizes in points argues points and other behaviorist rewards in education diverts student attention away from what it is they are trying to learn.

Barack, me… and institutional racism in schools discusses the difficulties of raising the issue of racism in schools.

The business of parent conferences reflects on the shortcomings of student-parent-teacher conferences that focus on alpha-numeric grades.

My mistake, I didn’t read the question on getting stuck and unstuck.

JJ’s knock-out question describes one student’s demonstration of mathematical thinking.

Adolescence, a time for second, third… as many chances as it takes reviews research on the teenage brain and the implications for teaching.

Assessment… it’s all in the tone of the voice reflects on assessment aimed at helping learning.

Annah and Camilla get unstuck… and 5 million points describes a case of student self-assessment.

Student self-assessment &mdash the research says… reviews research on the gains to be made by using student self-assessment.

I’m stuck! — do I get 5 million points? reports on how two students got stuck and started to learn.

Assessment — when the numbers don’t add up outlines the case against numerical or percentage-based grading.

The research gives testing an F reports on the research showing the extreme damage caused by frequent testing.

Why I no longer set homework summarizes the case against homework.


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Why I no longer set homework

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